How Clearfix Can Demolish Flexbox

This cost me some minutes of my life. I was using display: flex on a div in my code with justify-content: space-between:

  <p>Small text</p>
  <p><input type="submit" value="Do something" class="button"></p>

But it aligned like this:

The scss looked not so strange, so I put everything in a jsfiddle to figure it out, but it showed correctly.

div {
  @include clearfix;
  width: 300px;
  border: 1px solid orange;
  display: flex;
  align-items: center;
  justify-content: space-between;
  p {
    border: 1px solid green;

When comparing again I saw one small difference, there was this @include clearfix mixin. So I updated the jsfiddle and there it was. The strange gap after the button.

This clearfix (from Twitter Bootstrap) caused the strange alignment with justify-content: space-between:

@mixin clearfix() {
  &::after {
    content: "";
    display: table;
    clear: both;

After removing this clearfix it looked like this:

So the ::after element is also considered part of the flexbox. This makes sense of course, but I totally missed it. Hopefully you don’t.

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